Liberty Cold Leadership Team

Tim Cox

Vice President of Liberty Cold

Over my 15 plus years of experience in Supply Chain, I have worked exclusively in the Food Manufacturing space leading the Production Scheduling, Inventory Management, Logistics, and Purchasing functions.   My goal is to create an atmosphere where our team can laugh and argue at the same time.  I strive to assemble a team that has passion for the services we provide.  The team is driven to serve our clients and bring transparency through the Liberty Cold Portal.  We must strive to leverage technology in our systems and our buildings to bring value to clients and help identify opportunities in their Supply Chains.  This is my passion and I am confident we can be an asset to like-minded companies.  To that end, Liberty Cold operates under the mindset that variability is a part of the cold chain.  Instead of creating rigid policies and procedures, we must create processes that allow for flexibility to our clients and proactively address the variability in their demand.

Liberty Cold operates under the core values: Service. Value. Friendships.  Simply put, Liberty Cold will deliver on being a 3PL that understands the pressure to be competitive in the marketplace while offering the flexibility to adjust to the variability we are faced with every day in our operations.  Most importantly, we hope to gain lasting friendships and “enjoy the ride!”

Jerrod Carlson

Director of Logistics

Jerrod has over 17 years of Logistics experience that began with unloading containers.  For the past 5 years, Jerrod managed Transportation for one of the world’s largest Quick Serve Restaurants.  His passion is driven by creating synergies in the supply chain.  He believes that value is created through extensive analysis that delivers a logistics plan that has clear execution guidelines and is built on efficient freight networks.

Cindy Kaleta

Office Manager

Cindy has over 25 years’ experience in the Food Industry leading and supporting various Logistics and Warehousing functions.  She developed her skills in Accounting, Transportation, Purchasing, and Claim reconciliation while working with Starbucks, AIM Dedicated Logistics and ALDI.  Cindy has spent her career working with office personnel and over the road drivers bringing solutions to both sides of the shipping and receiving window.  Cindy’s strives to bring a humble approach and be a true “go to” resource for her team and her customers.

Dan Clancy

Operations Superintendent

Dan has more than 12 years of experience in the cold storage industry here in the Chicagoland area. As the Operations Superintendent, he works closely with his team to achieve the best results for his customers. If something isn’t working, Dan and his team will find the solution, no matter the challenge.

The right team environment is important to Dan, who strives to create a family atmosphere at Liberty Cold. He believes that when you give your team a voice—and you actually listen—you get better results and happier customers.