Liberty Cold was acquired by Vertical Cold Storage.
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What We Do



High Pressure
Pasteurization (HPP)

Core Values


Approx. 300,000 sq.ft.
Public Refrigerated Warehouse
Warehouse Management System Software
Designed with food safety in mind


The Leadership Team of Liberty Cold has been on the “Shippers” side for the greater part of our careers. We have led the Warehousing and Transportation Departments for large corporations in the food industry. We understand the value of strong 3PL/PRW partnerships that will rise to the challenge in difficult situations. We believe our number one goal is to bring exceptional service to our customers and their carriers. With the rising pressure on distribution costs and asset efficiency, Liberty Cold is focused on delivering a service that is proactive and keeps costs down for our clients.


Our philosophy is that the Food Industry is a constant state of change and improvement. Liberty Cold is dedicated to constantly striving to “raise the bar” and create incremental value to our customers. Whether it is a new food security initiative or bringing more freight into our pool program, we know that our customers are looking for partners that will proactively bring solutions to their challenges and help bring value to their customers.


Ultimately, we want to have fun at work and meet friends along the way. Liberty Cold strives to create an energetic and dynamic culture at the warehouse. To create the right culture, our primary focus is to find leaders that demonstrate passion for their work and the industry. Liberty Cold believes business is about the people and we are driven to bring employees and customers together to forge lasting friendships in the 3PL/PRW industry.

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